AI powered Cleveland Heights High School varsity hockey stats

Try the Infogoer page Heights Hockey Stats and you’ll be using AI!

The purpose of this page is to use natural language to query the Cleveland Heights High School ice hockey stats available at Cleveland Heights Hockey, specifically those available on the page Stat Leaders.

Under the hood this page takes a query in the form of an English utterance, attempts to translate it into specific query parameters, invokes the stat leaders page at using the query parameters to retrieve the Hts hockey stats data, and returns data for display.

The translation from English utterance to query parameters is handled by a cloud service developed by the engineers at Facebook called This service is trained to associate specific speech patterns with particular entities such as goals, assists, highest, most, and number.

Here’s a example that can be entered into the hockey stats page: “Who has the 3 most career shutouts”. While not grammatically correct, it can understand that the example is asking for the goalies that have had the three best career shutout rankings.

Go ahead and give it a try and let me know what you think.


The ghost of infogoer past…

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Mom’s Bird List

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